Contact Lenses

Have you ever thought about trying contact lenses?

Contact lenses have improved massively over the last few years. The most popular today is a daily disposable lens. This gives you the flexibility as to when you want to wear them with minimal cost and minimal hassle with cleaning. Today contact lenses is an additional purchase accompanying glasses. The most common scenario is that a customer lives and wears their glasses the majority of the time with changing into contact lenses for a party, event, evening out or even gym.

Come in store to try contact lenses for FREE.

We will…

  • conduct a contact lens consultation to determine which type of contact lenses will be best for you
  • order you a 5 day supply of contacts to try
  • show you how to safely put in and take out your contacts
  • conduct a contact lens check up to ensure the lenses are the perfect fit for you
  • With our priority contact lens delivery you won’t wait long at all for your lenses.

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