Bulk Billed Eye Test

All permanent residents of Australia can take advantage of the bulk-billed eye tests provided by Spectacle Warehouse, your Frankston optometrists. This means Australians qualify for optometric benefits without the need for private health insurance.

The main benefit is eye examinations, except for some contact lens fitting consultations and some examinations that test your visual fitness to drive, fly or be employed by government organisations like the Australian Defence Forces.

The way the Bulk Billed Eye Test works is rather than directly charging you, your optometrist can directly bill Medicare on your behalf. This is popular and known as ‘bulk-billing’. For those with limited financial capabilities, bulk billing optometrists often direct bill on behalf of pensioners and children. It is really fast and easy for Australians to have access to quality eye care without paying from their own pockets.

How to Claim Bulk Bill Eye Tests from Medicare

You don’t need to shell out cash for your eye test if your optometrist bulk bills Medicare. In fact, Medicare pays the optometrist up to 85 percent of the examination fee and that is accepted by the optometrist as full payment.

On the occasion that your bulk billing optometrist recommends more or additional eye testing, such as digital retinal photography, this does not qualify for a Medicare rebate but is still recommended in the best interests of your eye health.

Alternatively, if your optometrist does not bulk bill then you still can claim Medicare benefits by submitting a claim to Medicare just like you would when you see the doctor. You will have to shoulder the difference between the account and the Medicare refund, it is usually 15%, but this can be higher.

Do you need a Medicare card for the bulk-billed eye test?

Be sure to have your Medicare card handy whenever you go to your bulk billing Optometrist for an eye test or examination. This is the only way you can claim and benefit from Medicare. The Medicare card has your number and is an important requirement to receive your Medicare benefits.

What if you have private health insurance?

To obtain your Medicare benefit for an eye test, you do not need to purchase or have private health insurance. If you do have private health insurance with extras cover you may be eligible for subsidised prescription glasses and contact lenses. If you are not sure of your private health rebate, it would be helpful for you to contact your private health insurer for more details.

How to Obtain a Cheap Eye Test

Marketing data has shown for a long time that some people will always choose the lowest-cost provider, regardless of quality. Others will insist on the most expensive service, equating higher cost with higher quality which is not always the case. But there is a large part of the population who are happy to pay more in order to get more. This is true when it comes to safeguarding their health and the health of their families. This is where you get to control the quality of your eye care.

Are all eye tests similar?

Not all eye tests are similar. Since busy chains often book their patients every 15 to 20 minutes. At this time, you will be measured for your new spectacle prescription and your eyes examined for disease. You may even have some retinal images taken but not always. These retinal images are used to record your eye health and kept for future use in case they are needed for comparison.

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