Wanting to know the latest trends when it comes to glasses?

 We’ve got you covered. 

With 2023 having just arrived (crazy, I know), the new year means a chance to reset, refresh and redefine your style.

No matter your eyewear needs, whether you need prescription glasses, computer glasses, or purely as an accessory, these latest eyewear trends are the epitome of all things fashionable. 

  1. Eco-friendly frames

While I don’t like to call sustainability trendy, being earth-conscious is certainly in and hopefully doesn’t become a passing fad.

I’m sure you’ve noticed in the last few years the fashion industry has been taking steps to become more environmentally friendly, so it’s no surprise that the optical industry is following its lead. With new technologies and fashion-forward designers, long gone are the days when being sustainable meant forgoing comfort and taste.

Stylish new eyewear that is fashion-forward and helps save the planet? 

Yes, please. 

If you’re like me and looking to elevate your sustainable wardrobe consider frames made of recycled plastics, bamboo or natural wood. For your prescription needs, shopping locally is always the better choice; your local optometrist will help you find the perfect frame for your needs. 

  1. Aviators are back

Two words: Tom Cruise. 

After his (alongside the rest of the cast’s) brilliant performance in Top Gun: Maverick, with the film becoming the highest-grossing film of 2022, it’s only to be expected to see people sporting the aviator look.

And I mean, after having seen the film—twice actually—who wouldn’t want a pair?

I know I’ve been eyeing off a few myself lately. 

Worn by some of the coolest and toughest military personnel, aviators ooze practicality and style.

You’re not limited to choice, either, these days.

If the rounder aviator frames are not quite your style, choose a pair with a more squarer edge. If you’re wanting something a little bit more unique, consider forgoing the traditional metal frame and try an acetate framed aviator instead.

Whether it be the classic sunnies look, or styling them as your everyday wear, with a pair of aviators, you’re bound to look iconic. 

  1. Modern-retro: 70’s style 

Think big, bold and colourful. 

It’s maximalism’s time to shine. 

Spotted at Coachella, 70’s inspired eyewear will continue to grow throughout 2023, with chunky and geometric frames on the rise, these frames are considered a luxury staple in the high-fashion world.

This trend’s just in time for summer too. Tinted lenses are all the rage in 2023. Coming in an array of warm golden hues of red, orange and yellow, tinted lenses will be the perfect choice for your next pair of sunnies. 

So, why not add a vintage-esque flair to your wardrobe? 

Whether it’s being a bit more eco-conscious this year, choosing to be a bit more daring with a pair of new aviators, or looking to the past for inspiration,  if you follow these latest eyewear trends you’ll certainly be the most fashionable person around.

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