Over 65’s

Discount for Over 65’s

At Spectacle Warehouse we are proud to offer you 20% off your complete order on Tuesdays. We are able to recommend useful products such as anti-reflection, polarised sunglasses, thin and light lenses.

Anti-reflection is helpful to reduce any glare or flare of any light source for example, on-coming headlights of cars. As we get older we have an increase chance of cataracts. This in turn creates glare. This glare can be reduced with the help of anti-reflection so you do not need to squint when driving and gives you more confidence to drive at night.

Polarised lenses are used to cut out excessive light by the sun. At Spectacle Warehouse we use the best polarised lenses called NuPolar. The lenses are made is such a way that any reflection from a reflective surface is reduced dramatically. This technology is widely used with fishermen, skiers and truck drivers. More commonly it is used then driving to reduce glare from your windscreen with low-lying sun. This gives you clearer vision and assurance with your driving during the day.

Thin and light lenses are recommended to customers who only need it. This is determined by the weight and thickness of the prescription. We are able to grind the lenses down to minimise thickness and weight of the final product to increase the comfort of the glasses. We would like the glasses to feel comfortable from the first moment you put them on in the morning to the end of the day before bed. With lighter lenses we can prevent the glasses from slipping down your nose and therefore stop that frustration.