Elite Multifocals

2 pairs Elite Multifocals for $399

Choosing multifocal lenses has been a challenge in the past. Not anymore. Spectacle Warehouse has made choosing multifocals much simpler. We believe choosing glasses should be a simple, affordable process whilst experiencing a professional service. Previously customers were asked to choose between different multifocals. Some of these lenses had a narrow corridor to look through creating peripheral distortion or blurry side vision. If you wanted to minimise this blur you would have to upgrade your lenses and pay more money. We believe this is wrong. We believe all customers should get the best lenses irrespective of cost. Here at Spectacle Warehouse we only have one price for our multifocal and it is the elite multifocal giving you the best side vision possible.

Our lenses are made on the worlds leading lens manufacturing machines. These lenses have been tried and tested by local customers who have been wearing other companies lenses for years and years. As they put on our new lenses they are amazed at the clarity of vision for a fraction of the cost. We have helped may customers who have paid over $600-$700 on multifocals that are far inferior to our lenses costing less than $400.

Before you commit to a new pair of multifocals, come and talk to us at Spectacle Warehouse and see why people are moving over to us.

2 pairs complete for $399.