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Connect with cambodia

At Spectacle Warehouse we are proud to be working in collaboration with an amazing charity ‘Connect with Cambodia’. Connect with Cambodia is supported with a team of people from all over Australia who are dedicated to improving the quality of life for Cambodians who are living in severe poverty. This team includes a devoted group from Frankston hospital. ‘We aim to provide health education and promotion, as well as practical help to improve the welfare and wellbeing for Cambodian families.’
‘Our goal is to run extensive pop-up medical clinics, buy rice for feeding distributions, participate in de-licing villages, buy water filters for villages, and visit the children in several orphanages.

During the medical clinics we have an eye test area. Here the locals are screened for glasses and a range of glasses are displayed. These glasses are YOUR old glasses. These are your old pairs that have been lying in your draw over the last 12 months. With our connections and your support, we are able to bring sight back to the locals. This gives them the opportunity to see each other clearly, walk to the nearest water well safely and also to be able to cross a road. These are the things we take for granted daily.

Spectacle warehouse would like to thanks all the members of the charity for doing such a marvellous job, and a huge thank you to all our customers who have donated their old glasses to.

‘Thank you..’

To find out more about Connect with Cambodia, head to their Facebook page.